First off, I don't know a lot about OSRS gold server / system security. Security was not my focus, although I've build deployed and designed databases and created API's for them previously. This isn't to party or to complain, but to outside my frustrations to hopefully get a discussion going, or clear my thoughts. Therefore the reason you can not login on both versions with the identical account is because of technological limitations, which seems lazy if there are no giant security issues. RuneScape game tracks if you're logged in or not. If you're logged (on version), you can't login again, making sense. Why not keep track of the two RS3 logins seperately and OSRS? It is yet another area for every RuneScape participant and a client side and API change.

Send that is it and that game variant you're trying to log on and keep tabs on both? I have build these types of items in the past (again, safety was not my attention ) so unless there are some significant security vulnerabilities it shouldn't be classified as a"technical limit" and much more since it likely against prefered game layout / ideology.

This would require to log everybody out once (just think of a system upgrade ) on both the osrs and rs3, but other that happens with every system update. Can there be issues with this approach, besides server load? It might be that Jagex is overly busy and this won't be their priority. I get that that's a thing too but again, this is mainly for discussion.

Without looking at it directly, it can be told based on which it is advised to us. Chat platform, friends list the friends talk is a large one. Then there is the Rsgoldfast payment system, it is possible to only have 1 payment going on for your account.

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