It is luck but the OSRS gold xp fostering cards aren't uncommon. Thieving locust are the rarest but I discovered I dropped 1-4 per stock of cards (128k tokens) (although 4 is uncommon, I've received 6 in one inv before I believe ), preening ibis you get a little more commonly at about 2-5 per stock along with the cloning mosquito (double loaf ) you might get from 2-7 per inventory.

Consistent Yak cards tend to be rarer when purchasing from the Bryll Thoksdottir. It even for everybody except yak, although the most cards I think are the very shit ones. For 10 xp cards I think if you are unlucky it'd cost about 360k inventories 4. To get 300-400k tokens, you need just 4m xp and less if you are utilising your double loaf cards. When you don't have as many flooring unlocked though might be harder that is easily accessible from doing your flooring. You need to be able to supplement with farming, if it is not enough to upkeep tokens.

Someone pls tell me if this is scuffed maths however as much as my anecdotal experience moves, I discovered this sustainable. Fortunately, I bought all useful unlocks by around 105 dg so needed a surplus of tokens going from then to 120, and I did do daily gorago for Buy Rs gold your free card, to get some of that time, using the cards in my greatest possible flooring. Cards that I under-utilised which might help you enhance xp at levels were: Beguiling smoke devil - Allows you to open skill doorways. Quite good if you aren't maxed but wish to push on some dg amounts for any reason. Whimsical Bunyip - a card's effect is played.

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