For those who have not caught on to the latest Archeage Unchained Gold Making trend, it’s fishing. Currently, catching a single fish (while sport fishing) can net you anywhere from 4 to 40 gold per fish. Of course, this number will vary depending on where you fish and what you catch. While everyone knows the obvious, fish spawn in the ocean, a little kept secret is inland fishing.

Within many zones there are lakes, these lakes offer specific locations where fishing spots spawn. All you need is a little chum and a fishing rod to get started fishing both on land and out on the open sea. We will be going in-depth into where to fish, how to get a fishing rod, how to get boats, and how to quickly level your fishing proficiency so that you can use a higher-tiered fishing rod thus making the fish catching experience easier and more enjoyable.

The current state of sport fishing is like so:

They introduced permanent rods that can be upgraded and progressed to higher tiers (Dead End Gaming has a nice vid going over them).

Chum was simplified to one type and is crafted with bait worms and ground grain.

Instead of consuming a lure every time you fish, the new lure now just gives your rod 2 hours of fishing time. This lure is crafted with iron ingots.

They also increased the RNG rate for damage-dealing reels on the fish while also letting left/right reels do damage too.

At one point, they limited the number of fish you could get from a single pool (which nerfed big fishing raids), but not sure if they changed that again. EDIT: What this means is that big raids spend more time hopping from hole to hole. This can be problematic because IIRC, ArcheAge's fish pools have a fixed location, but when they spawn is random. I think they adjusted the spawn rate, but before there'd be issues where you'd have no pools appear near the turn-ins for long stretches of time. Might be something to watch out for and "rally for change" if it stays like that in future patches.

EDIT: I also forgot to add. They also split the labor cost for fishing. Now you spend some Labor to catch fish and some Labor to turn them in. The reason they split it like this is so players aren't hit as hard when they're attacked by pirates. If they have fish stolen from them, they've lost less Labor compared to before when all of the Labor cost was in catching the fish. And now pirates must also pay some Labor if they turn in the fish.

The profit you'll get is RNG since you can get low-tier fish and small size fish, but it averages out to be pretty good, even competitive to running trade packs. However, fishing is still inherently risky and actively time-consuming. You also still have that start-up investment with the fishing boat and the proficiency requirement (EDIT: seems like there's not a proficiency requirement for sport fishing, just the rods). For a lot of players, just being viable is not worth the cons when they can just do something else with less hassle.

They also added some other types of fishing across patches like family fishing (fishing requiring cooperation from Family members), ice bait fishing in Miroir Tundra, and "advanced" bait fishing in Freedich Island. Family fishing got removed. Ice fishing and "advanced" fishing are cool ideas, but their loot tables are actual trash. Bait fishing in general needs a revisit from XL Games now that we've transitioned away from regrading.

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