Idk about all this wow classic gold for 1 or max 2 years than TBC. Where's the point of playing it player or opening classic as blizzard? For me they're opening classic cause it should be a much better and more long term than servers. Why should I destroy my life to lose it. I want till the retail servers shut down, as it will launch classic to be. I hope they will do a few servers per expansion so everybody can be happy.I dont even think that it is in their very best interest not to have BGs at the start. Have the honour system handicapped at the beginning, although id be 100% fine with BGs being at launch. So you may do BGs however they are 100% for pleasure. I can see it already, I have friends which are going be like O and to stop when Bgs come out ill come back. But leave the rewards and honor out system until a time!?

Glad blizz is listening. However, I sincerely hope for cross kingdom BG as possible for classic, until that has occurred will not be playing them. I remember the nightmare it had been before then. Near impossible to get into them and getting killed over and over again by people who understand who their simple targets are since dreadful course balance.Guys I am wondering about the world supervisors. Who will gain from them? I feel that just the high degree guild would. Imagine the server. The 3-4 items can be looted by 1 set. The world race will be done no Matter. I am completely sure that the majority of the people are currently gon na play to hurry the material. Nowadays we have all the manuals and I know them by heart. But I am not willing to become hardcore. Individuals will still ask for gold and silver AFKing in IF scrutinizing others:-RRB-

Hey guys, I havent seen much of the older Classicasts but I really like this format. I have a question concerning the servers that they will do for timeless: Have you talked and theorized about it on the elderly Classicasts? Might it be possible to tell me? And : What are your thoughts on this? Since I believe they need to do the amount of servers right to WoW Classic to become successful. And they will do regional servers which means dividing the US and European playerbase. Obv it makes sense cause the US men would love to buy wow classic gold play with a suitable ping (like on most private servers which are based in the EU) but each of these things make me wonder what they have in store for us host wise. Will there be speech based servers like german ones, french ones etc.. reason why this will divide the neighborhood even more.

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