It is not losing touch with the community, it's they are The Elder Scrolls Blades Gold completely taken over by greed and down to the dev level, nobody has the balls to say"Perhaps the product should be good also". You know what pisses me? Building timer with brief cuts (or being allowed a building queue) was the only real way certain webbrowser empire matches could get some cash without hugely fucking up the balance in their game. . And now mobile games have only copy pasted it in without any respect why and how these systems where originally used.In reality, this is not a match with micro transactions worked in, virtually every one these forms of micro-transactions are obtained from other game types. It's literally micro-transactions using a game built around it.

I learned my lesson a long time A content creator on YouTube was offering a knife which was made. He said if you download The Elder Scrolls Blades (Vikings War of Clans) and attained at least 5 which you had to screen grab your degree and you would be placed to the pool he would draw two people to get one of both knives he had gotten from the maker. Got addicted and above a few months I ended up spending $120 on imitation crap to build my town and fighters to combat. I realized what I had done and woke up one day. I had friends in my clan that had spent $1000's of dollars on The Elder Scrolls Blades! Very sad!!! The knife wasn't won by me .

So my fair share of gacha games and I play with and I will say that ES:The Elder Scrolls Blades' pricing model is very like those games, it's pretty standard for most cellular games tbh. A three hour wait period on the silver torso is too long and the rewards are far too little from what I have seen. The worst part is that you can only have chests in your stock whilst exploring you want to leave it or open it with stone so in the event that you happen across a chest. You ought to be permitted to open 3 chests at a time for your amount The Elder Scrolls Blades seems to throw at you since in a few hours of playtime you can get around two weeks worth of buy ESOM Gold chest timers.

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